What we do

We work with family enterprises to develop insightful solutions that will help the family reach its desired goals. Our process results in an unbiased, objective assessment with specific recommendations for action.

In our work with family enterprises, we:

  • assess the family and business,
  • develop a shared vision for the future of the family and its assets,
  • create practical and integrated plans to achieve the vision,
  • develop skills, knowledge and perspectives to enable all family stakeholders to achieve their vision,
  • facilitate or provide strategies and structures for family meetings, family councils, boards of directors, foundations and other entities,
  • resolve conflicts, and
  • provide ongoing support and advice to assure continued success for the family and the business.

The process required to arrive at these outcomes also offers rich learning opportunities for all family members. We bring clarity to conversations and help remove the obstacles that may be preventing your family from growing its wealth, now and in the future.

Our team members also provide advisory services in their specific area of expertise to clients who do not require a complete integrated review. Please contact us for more information about this option.