Consulting Services

Our team members provide advisory services in their specific area of expertise to clients. Please contact us for more information about this option.

Additionally, Lead champions the human side of enterprise by offering consulting services to help individuals and families untangle some of the relationship issues that may be preventing them from moving forward.

These coaching-focused services are offered by expert facilitator and mediator Karen Laprade, and they include:

  • counselling family members and families in conflict resolution skills,
  • coaching the next generation of business leaders to develop their leadership potential,
  • designing and facilitating family meetings and retreats,
  • providing guidance on transition management, and
  • coaching individuals to be more effective managers, leaders, executives and board members.

Karen is also engaged by other advisors who recognize the value of bringing her skills in mediation, coaching and relationship-building to complement their own expertise. While advisors often call on Karen when their clients are at points of crisis (family turmoil, death, illness or divorce), they also value her ability to help families or individuals strengthen their communication and conflict resolution skills through training and education.