Our clients are family enterprises.

They own family businesses or real estate, or they may run family foundations. They operate corporations started generations ago or they simply share a common asset such as a cherished vacation home.

What our clients have in common are concerns. They are concerned about growing their wealth, leaving a legacy, planning for succession and ensuring the financial security of the next generation.

And, like all families, they may have concerns about the complex and sometimes difficult relationships we have with those who are closest to us.

We help enterprising families achieve relationship harmony and business prosperity. Our multidisciplinary team of independent and unbiased advisors works with enterprising families through a rigorous yet flexible process to help them create the healthy relationships, framework and structures needed to achieve their goals.

While these goals will be unique to each family, they may include:

  • Building a family legacy through contributions to the economy and society.
  • Ensuring enterprise continuity and the orderly succession of family assets.
  • Achieving stable family relationships with productive levels of conflict.
  • Attaining business prosperity, measured by profitable growth in line with the family’s expansion.
  • Nurturing the responsibility of wealth, where industrious members of the next generation have opportunities to contribute to the family legacy.

These may sound like ambitious goals, but we can help you achieve them.

Our process enables us to facilitate meaningful conversations and start untangling the complex business, ownership, financial and interpersonal issues that arise in family enterprises.

Our team then provides feedback, seeks input from the family in terms of priorities and develops integrated solutions and family-focused recommendations that empower you to move forward in harmony and with confidence.

Just what is a family enterprise?
A family enterprise is any family that operates a business or shares financial assets. Typically, our clients share one or more of the following:

  • Operating business assets,
  • Financial assets,
  • Real estate assets,
  • Liquid assets,
  • Family heirloom assets, or
  • Philanthropic assets.

Positioned at the intersection of family, business and ownership, family enterprises are unique systems. Each element in the system influences the others. For example, conflicts between family members can impact the business’s resilience, and decisions about asset ownership can affect the tenor of family generations.

At Lead, we have a deep understanding of the interlayered and interactive issues typical of family enterprises. Our recommendations are grounded in experience, enabling us to look at value creation not just in terms of the survival of the business, but at creating value and prosperity across generations.