Decade-long Restructuring Wrenched Apart Wealthy, Philanthropic Family

Historically, the Pritzker family – most known for their ownership of the Hyatt hotel chain – has been one of America’s wealthiest and most philanthropic families. An article in the Wall Street Journal by Anupreeta Das explores how this prominent family handled the challenges of family enterprise dismantling an empire.

We find this to be an interesting case study that emphasizes the need for advisors to look beyond areas of traditional focus and to consider the six types of family capital (family, human, spiritual, societal, structural and financial).

It also highlights the different roles within a family involving the family business, investment portfolio and charitable giving.

You can read the full article here:
Inside the Breakup of the Prtizker Empire: Decadelong Restructuring Wrenched Apart Wealthy, Philanthropic Family.